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About Us

When modestly describing MPT, I will simply say that we are a highly Customers Centric Company.

The rapid growth of company is to ensure that we continue our commitment to provide our customers a delightful experience and fulfill their expectations to the best of our knowledge and ability.

As we embark on 4th year for MPT in this industry, our success naturally lies in our core belief in integrity.

The trust builds with our valued customers the strategic regional partnerships that we have forged.

We are also grateful for our assets who our employees, who have work tirelessly, are committed to this journey with the company and have chosen MPT as their partner to ensure a successful career.


To be the market leader in Geological equipment and services.
By leveranging an convergence innovative technology and services.


To value add our customers by providing :

1. Innovative and cost effective.
2. Enhance solution to improve productivity and accuracy.
3. Excellence after sales service and support.